Downing’s Phantom of the Opera

February 20, 2016 at 8pm. Orpheum Theatre

Silence is Shattered. Terror Given Voice.

A spectacular multimedia work interweaves a screening of Rupert Julian’s dark & haunting 1925 film, The Phantom of the Opera, with live performance by chorus and chamber ensemble. Toronto-based composer Andrew Downing’s mesmerizing score returns by popular demand, offering new intensity and nuance to the cult-classic tale of gothic romance, lurking horror, and the unequaled power of music.

“[Rupert Julian’s The Phantom of the Opera] has two elements of genius: It creates beneath the opera one of the most grotesque places in the cinema, and Chaney’s performance transforms an absurd character into a haunting one.” – Roger Ebert, on the 1925 Silent Film

Conductor: Leslie Dala
Featuring: Rupert Julian’s 1925 The Phantom of the Opera and Virtuoso Chamber Ensemble.
Double Bass: Andrew Downing
Violin: Cameron Wilson
Clarinet: François Houle
Bassoon: Ingrid Chiang
Trumpet: Brad Turner
Trombone: Jeremy Berkman
Keyboards: Chris Gestrin


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